Prince of Wales visits Qatar Shell Research and Technology Centre

Mar 23, 2013


Prince Charles of Wales visited Qatar Shell Research and Technology Centre (QSRTC) at Qatar Science and Technology Park (QSTP), where he was introduced to the latest and most innovative research programmes running at the centre, during his official tour of the country.

Prince Charles was greeted by Wael Sawan, managing director and chairman of Qatar Shell Companies, who said: “We are extremely honoured to welcome His Royal Highness to the QSRTC. We are using this world-class research facility to run cutting-edge research programmes in the fields of energy and environment, which contribute to the development of the country’s oil and gas industry and support Qatar’s ambition of becoming a global research hub.”
“Qatar Petroleum and Shell have a close and established partnership with Imperial College London to research and better understand carbonate reservoirs, which constitute the vast majority of hydrocarbon reservoirs across the Middle East as well as the storage of carbon dioxide,” Sawan added.

Prince Charles and the accompanying delegation were introduced to one of the world’s most ambitious and important research programmes in CO2 management. This was presented by using a special “elevator” experience demonstrating the process of CO2 capture and sequestration. They also discussed the Energy Future Lab – the world’s first laboratory to research the storage of CO2 in subsurface facilities.
The visitors were also briefed on Shell’s GTL (gas to fluids) kerosene research programme and its most recent game-changing product – GTL Jet Fuel, currently being produced using GTL kerosene from Pearl GTL, the world’s largest GTL plant.

GTL jet fuel is the first aviation fuel to be approved for commercial use in over two decades. It is potentially very attractive to airlines and airport authorities keen to improve local air quality at busy airports by reducing local emissions. Currently, GTL jet fuel is being used in Qatar at Doha International Airport.
The prince was also briefed on the Shell Eco-marathon, a Qatar Shell social investment initiative.